Windows 10 Mobile

"How far can you fall"

Posted by George Breeze on 2016-11-19

Windows Phone 7

As a .Net developer it is quite obvious to buy a phone that supports your programing language. Then you can easily create apps for yourself or others. So, I was buying the first Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows Phone 7 and started the Windows experience. It was not easy, but acceptable.

Windows Phone 8

Then Windows Phone 8 was born, at least for new phones. I remember, existing phones got an update to 7.8. As I installed this update on my Lumia 800 each app took around two seconds longer to start. Time to buy a new Phone with Windows Phone 8 support.

Windows Phone 8 was OK. The operating system features and available apps were not comparable with android but at least there was some progress, some effort from Microsoft to bring this thing forward.

And now we have Windows 10 Mobile

Of course, I needed a new phone to use Windows 10 Mobile. Bought the Lumia 950 and turned it on. It was OK but after each update (you can’t turn off updates) the operating system got buggier and buggier. For example

  • the ‘Quiet hours’ feature is very useful, but not if it does not start or does not go off
  • there is still no option to adjust the volume of the alarm, still get shaken of the tremendous sound waves each morning
  • there is no option to adjust the volume for apps
  • zooming into images behaves totally wired/is not possible
  • taking a picture crashes the phone
  • to see the last taken pictures you have to restart the phone
  • and so on…

Microsoft is not doing anything here. No wait, that’s not totally correct. They bring updates but if they were able to fix one bug, two new bugs come too.
As a software developer I’m sometimes curious how Microsoft is testing. Do they do automated testing, do they even test at all? Who are the developers there, did they achieve their education at McDonald’s?

Doesn’t matter, nobody cares about this operating system anymore – especially Microsoft. For me and for many others, Windows 10 Mobile is not usable anymore.

Time to say goodbye.